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Air Freight

Air Freight
MNS Freight offers comprehensive air freight forwarding services to public sector, commercial clients and other freight forwarding agents at competitive rates throughout the world. We ship everything from manufacturing components to FMCG to extremely precious one-off goods. So, if you want to get your goods delivered fast and safely, we're here for you! 
Benefits of working with us
Free and fast quotes
Low cost air freight rates.
Through our respected network of International partners we can arrange freight by air right from pick up point to final destination.
You can track your consignment easily. 
We are able to work on urgent shipments, arranging the next flight out and ensuring that our agents are able to take care of customs formalities urgently upon arrival.
MNS Freight can manage the entire shipping process for you. 
We have storage facilities available for your shipment 
For any queries please contact us and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.